Senin, 11 Januari 2010

Waking up!

Hey fellas! I'm about to tell you our new adventure last week. Please be patient.. :D

Minggu, 22 November 2009

City in diversity, Semarang!

Suddenly i remember my trip with Kirana to Semarang, and i'm about to tell you the stories.

Kirana got a chance to join a conference which was held in Semarang, Central Java, Indonesia. I've never been stayed there, so it would be great if i accompanied her visiting Semarang.

The warm breeze and the smell of an old city welcoming us when we hopped off the train at Tawang Train Station, on a bright June morning. We decided to stay at a Hotel in Jalan Pemuda (Youth Street), one of the main street on Semarang. Government office of Semarang city also laid in this street.

We spent 5 days on Semarang, and made some little adventures around the city. I took some notes of our adventure to remind me of this peaceful city. These are some of them.

How to get there

Semarang is the capital city of Central Java Province, It can be reached by train, bus or plane from Jakarta. There is no direct flight from Bandung, so better take the bus or train if you wanna go from there.

Around the city

To go around the city you can take several means of public transportation, such us, city bus, taxi and pedicab.

The landscape and weather

Semarang has a unique landscapes, it is verged with mountains on the south and Javan Sea on the north. It has a moist and warm weather. I couldn't stop sweating when i was there. Some local said that the weather temperature could reach 33 celcius degrees on the hottest day.

The old City

Tawang Station is located in old city area of Semarang, it explained the scent of old city that we smelled on our first day. Our taxi driver told us that Semarang was build by the Dutch, with the same techniques which they used to built cities in Netherland. They filled the sea with soil, to make the land larger.The old city looked like a replica of Amsterdam, with bridges and European's style buildings. But unfortunately the buildings were sleazy.

Lawang sewu and Tugu Muda

The building of Lawang Sewu was used as a National Train Company office. It is legendary that the building has 1000 doors, that's why it called Lawang Sewu. Lawang sewu means 1000 doors. Beside its history, Lawang sewu also known as one of the most haunted site in Semarang. Many people said that supranatural events often happened in Lawang Sewu. You have to choose whether to believe it or not. Kirana held my arms so tight when we visited Lawang sewu. She scares of ghosts.

Though it is popular with the creepy stories, Lawang sewu is a truly beautiful building. It has an unique architecture, a fusion of Javanese and European architecture style. You could find colorful glasses, mostly found on western church, and teakwood ceilings, inspired from Javanese palace.

Tugu Muda is a monument that was build to commemorate the 5 days battle at Semarang. A historic events when Indonesian soldiers took over the city from the Dutch who has imperialized the country for 350 years.

Simpang Lima

The center of Semarang, called as Simpang lima because it could be accessed from 5 different streets. Luckily, it was Sunday when we visited Simpang Lima. On sunday, the city government allows local marketers to trade at Simpang lima, the event called Sunday Market. It was a fun event, you can find many things were sold, from candies to motorcycle, baby clothes to tent.

The religions sites

Semarang is famous for its local diversity cultures. In the city, you could find several interesting religion sites, like Banyumanik Pagoda, Central Java Great Mosque, Blenduk Church, and Sam Pho Kok Nunnery.

Well i've got deep understanding about tolerance and experienced a beautiful cultural diversity in Semarang. Something that has been the spirit of the city for a very long time. Me and Kirana have splendid days there.

Why don't you go to Semarang for holidays then?

Dass the travelers

We've been waiting for months to get extra time for ourselves, especially Kirana. She's the one with lots of to-do-lists in her journal. I had been in Bandung for two weeks when she called and said that she could get her leave. At that time, i felt like i wanted to... aahhh i couldn't find a word.

I had so much plan and places to go. We decided to meet in Bandung, 2 hours from Jakarta by Cipularang Highway and 3 hours by train. Kirana came to Bandung by train though there were many transportation alternatives to Bandung which was more comfortable.

I also took the train, but i didn't care about price, it was all about experience. I could always enjoy the developed-country vibe during the trip, and being feed with beautiful view. Interesting isn't it?

I borrowed my uncle motorcycle to picked her up at Bandung Central Station. Parahyangan train had just arrived when i got there. It didn't take long to find her. Woman with big cat-eyed-glasses, colorful dress, and large suitcase. But I didn't expect to see her holding a calculator in her hand!

She waved and smiled. I grabbed her suitcase, and we walked to parking lot. OH NO! I'd just realized that it would be very difficult to bring big suitcase with motorcycle. I saw Kirana standing in front of my motorcycle. I put her suitcase between motorcycle seat and handlebar, but it didn't work out. So i went around station to find a piece of board and ropes. I tied the board to my motorcycle seat by ropes, so now we have longer seat to put her suitcase. Then i tied the suitcase to the extended board. Now we had enough space for me and Kirana, plus her suitcase. We were ready!

Ms. Dass, asl pls?

Hey.. I’m Kirana, 23 years old, female, malang.. what else?
I work as an accounting staff in multinational company. My routines in Jakarta often get me bored, but Pip usually asks me to travel with him.

Well, i have no choice, it seems fun.

So enjoy our journey. We gladly share it to you.

Introducing Mr Dass

Hey fellas, my name is Pip, a strange name for an indonesian isn't it? but you all can call me mr did i get my name? well that's another story, i'll tell you one day.

I do really love travelling..taking pictures, seeing new things, having new experience, meeting new people.. I love it that much, i don’t mind to spent my whole resources just for an adventure..

Well i am very lucky having the opportunities to see many beautiful places.

I really want to share them with you. So here we are, i'll tell you my stories...